WWE Royal Rumble 2018 will air tomorrow night live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The event will feature two Royal Rumble matches (men and women), a Handicap match for the WWE Championship and a Triple Threat match for the Universal Championship. Both the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Championships will be defended at the event. Here are 6 predictions for WWE Royal Rumble 2018:

The Bar Will Become Champions Again

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan haven’t been on the same page since surprisingly winning the RAW Tag Team Championships. Jordan seems to have his own agenda and it seems inevitable that this team will implode.

The Bar can win this match by turning Rollins and Jordan against each other. Rollins accidentally struck Jordan with a knee strike on RAW and something like that will probably happen again tomorrow night. Sheamus & Cesaro will capitalize on Rollins & Jordan not working well together and recapture the RAW Tag Team Championships.

The Usos vs. Gable & Benjamin Will Be The Match Of The Night

The Usos will defend their SmackDown Tag Team Championships in a 2 out of 3 Falls match tomorrow night at the Royal Rumble. Gable and Benjamin thought they won the titles on a recent episode of SmackDown but the decision was reversed because they pinned the wrong Uso.

This is a match where it doesn’t matter who wins. Both of these teams are great and I just can’t wait to see what they do in the ring tomorrow night. If given enough time, this match could easily steal the show. I’ll say Gable & Benjamin win the titles tomorrow night in an excellent match.

AJ Styles Will Escape With His WWE Championship

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon have been feuding for what feels like an eternity now. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have now gotten caught up in it as well. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have been involved the main event on SmackDown almost every week as of late. Shane is either coming down to the entrance ramp to restart the match or kick Owens or Zayn out from ringside. Daniel Bryan has been throwing out stipulations left and right to try to counter Shane McMahon’s vendetta against Zayn and Owens.

AJ Styles will defend his WWE Championship against both Owens and Zayn in a Handicap match tomorrow night. I have a bad feeling that we are going to see something similar to the tag match at Clash of Champions where both Shane and Daniel were special referees. Shane, Daniel or both will get involved during this match and AJ Styles will escape with his title. I’d be shocked if Kami became co-WWE Champions tomorrow night.

Brock Lesnar Will Dominate Again

Braun Strowman got the last laugh before Royal Rumble and slammed Universal Champion Brock Lesnar through the announce table on RAW. I don’t think we will see anything like that tomorrow night at the Royal Rumble.

I nominate Kane as the Superstar that is going to take the pinfall here. There is no reason for Strowman to be pinned by Lesnar tomorrow night. Strowman will get taken out very early and then Lesnar will hit a few German Suplexes and an F5 to Kane and retain the Universal Championship.

Asuka Will Win The Women’s Royal Rumble

The first ever women’s Royal Rumble match will happen tomorrow night. The winner will earn a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship or the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 34.

There are a ton of possibilities here. Nia Jax could dominate the entire match and be the last woman standing. A legend like Trish Stratus could return to the ring and prove she is still the best. Ronda Rousey could make her WWE debut and win the first women’s rumble. Becky Lynch could win it and go on to face her best friend Charlotte at WrestleMania for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Even though Asuka winning it seems obvious, I still think it should happen. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is already petrified of possibly having to face Asuka in the future. Since joining the main roster, Asuka has been dominant but hasn’t really had a special moment yet. I think winning the first ever women’s Royal Rumble would remind the WWE Universe that Asuka is the most dominant female Superstar on the roster.

Shinsuke Nakamura Will Win The Men’s Royal Rumble

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not confident in this pick at all. I am convinced that WWE wants Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34. They can get to that match without having Reigns win the Royal Rumble match again tomorrow night. It was a disaster last time Reigns won it in Philadelphia, yet I still wouldn’t put it past WWE to do the same thing tomorrow night.

However, I’m going with Shinsuke Nakamura. His main roster run has been so underwhelming thus far and that is through no fault of his own. He has been placed in a terrible feud with Jinder Mahal and thrown in a bunch of random tag matches with Randy Orton.

If Nakamura wins, that would set up the dream WrestleMania 34 match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. It would also give Nakamura a huge victory on the main roster and help build him up for a run with the WWE Championship. They keep referring to Nakamura as “WWE’s rockstar” on SmackDown. It is time to start booking him that way.