The Royal Rumble always has a few surprise entrants during the match. With the addition of the women’s Royal Rumble, we should see even more Superstars return or debut in WWE. Superstars like Lita, Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Beth Phoenix, Bobby Lashley and many more have been rumored to appear at the Royal Rumble and could also be on this list. Who do you want to see return or debut this Sunday? Let us know in the comments below.

Here are six Superstars it would be great to see come down the entrance ramp this Sunday at the Royal Rumble:

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus

Stratus made a brief appearance Monday night on RAW when WWE honored some of the greatest female Superstars of the past. Stratus stood out during the Attitude Era and remains very popular amongst WWE fans.

The first ever women’s Royal Rumble match will feature 30 Superstars. I’d expect to see a bunch of wrestlers from the past and from NXT show up for the match. Trish Stratus seems like a pretty safe bet to make an appearance at the Royal Rumble. She is actually one of the favorites in terms of betting odds to win the women’s Royal Rumble this Sunday.




Batista returned to WWE four years ago at Royal Rumble 2014. He wound up winning the whole thing and the crowd absolutely hated it. The majority of the audience wanted to see Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble. As it turned out, Bryan wasn’t even in the rumble and also lost his match against Bray Wyatt earlier in the night.

Bryan went on to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 30 after forcing Batista to tap out via the Yes Lock. Batista was gone shortly after that and his return to WWE was ultimately a letdown. Things would go a lot better for Batista if he returned this Sunday and the crowd would be more excited to see him.


WWE posted a list on YouTube back in December of Superstars that fans would like to see return one day. Kharma was on that list and it would be awesome to see her return for the women’s Royal Rumble.

Kharma would be a tough Superstar to eliminate and could have an epic showdown with Nia Jax. Kharma caused chaos in the 2012 men’s Royal Rumble where she was a surprise entrant. It would be cool to see what she could do in the first women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday night.

Daniel Bryan

There is a 99.99% chance that this won’t happen. However, if it did it would be an unbelievable moment. Daniel Bryan is currently the GM of SmackDown and is in the middle of several disagreements with SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon.

On the 25th anniversary of RAW this past Monday night, Daniel Bryan and The Miz had a staredown on the entrance ramp. Bryan and The Miz have had several shouting matches on Talking Smack. The Miz captured the Intercontinental Championship from Roman Reigns on Monday night.

It would be amazing to see Bryan eliminate The Miz and then go after the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Bryan returning to the ring on Sunday is very unlikely, but it would steal the show if he was one of the entrants in the Royal Rumble.

Ronda Rousey

It just make sense for Ronda Rousey to show up this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. However, TMZ recently caught up with Rousey and she shot down rumors that she will be in the women’s Royal Rumble Sunday. The reporter asked her if she would be there and here was Ronda’s response:

“I appreciate everyone’s confidence, but I’m actually leaving to Colombia right now to finish shooting “Mile 22″ and won’t be back until mid February. I appreciate you saying that and it’s a real honor to hear it.”

While Rousey is saying that she wont be there Sunday, I don’t think too many would be shocked if Rousey was one of the entrants in the women’s Royal Rumble match. Asuka and Rousey are currently the two favorites to win the women’s rumble on Sunday night.

Ethan Carter III

WWE already dropped the ball with EC3 when they decided to make him a comedy act and a midcarder as “Derrick Bateman” on NXT. He was then released from WWE on May 17th, 2013.

Carter made his debut in TNA as Dixie Carter’s obnoxious and spoiled nephew. It was a gimmick that seemed destined to fail, but Carter made it work and eventually made a name for himself. He won titles and was one of the bigger stars in the company. Carter recently lost a “Feast or Fired” match during Impact tapings and is a free agent.

He also was scheduled at an indy event this weekend, but backed out of it. It would be great to see a once overlooked talent get another shot in WWE.