Global Force Wrestling Suspends Alberto El Patron

Global Force Wrestling champion Alberto El Patron has been suspended as a result of Sunday’s domestic violence battery incident at Orlando International Airport.

Global Force Wrestling issued the following statement:

“Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.”

Alberto El Patron was featured prominently in GFW’s recent tapings that will be airing over the next month.

Thoughts: I guess GFW can be applauded for doing the right thing and suspending Patron, but I still can’t believe they ever put their faith in him to begin with. Patron has been uploading drunken rants and threatening WWE Superstars on social media for months now. There were countless reasons that GFW shouldn’t have viewed Patron as reliable, but they went ahead and put the title on him at their biggest PPV of the year. TNA can rebrand to Impact Wrestling, Impact Wrestling can rebrand to Global Force Wrestling, it doesn’t matter if the people in charge make the same mistakes over and over again. As for Paige, one can only hope that she is able to get herself together and return to WWE. She is only 24-years old and still can have a career ahead of her in WWE.