What Does The Patriots’ Loss To The Chiefs Mean?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last night, the New England Patriots got dismantled by the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. Andy Reid didn’t mismanage the clock. Alex Smith connected on a couple of deep bombs and led his team to a 42-27 victory in Foxboro. It was shocking and at the end of the day it meant absolutely nothing.

Max Kellerman rambled on First Take this morning about Tom Brady “falling off a cliff” and that his time is finally up. Kellerman has been talking about this cliff for years now and he is just desperate for it to finally happen. It isn’t even a take. “Tom Brady’s talent will fall off a cliff one day” is the equivalent to saying that nature will catch up to us all. No shit, Max. I just don’t think last night’s shitty performance signifies that Brady has suddenly lost his talent.

The game last night meant nothing in regards to the Patriots. Even with the loss of Edelman, their is far too much talent on that offense for Belichick, McDaniels and company to not figure it out over the next few weeks. The Patriots will still win 12 games and make it to the AFC Championship game. If they want to go any further than that this year, they might have to bring in some more talent on their defensive line and linebackers.

The most striking thing about last night’s game was the lack of pressure on Alex Smitch and the receivers sprinting down the field for wide open TDs. That is something you rarely see against the Patriots. They usually have that bend but don’t break defense that allows tons of yards, but hardly any points on the scoreboard.

Well, they allowed a shitload of points last night. However, the Patriots are unreal at making adjustments. You know that they will look like a completely different team next week and demolish the Saints in New Orleans. Having said that, if the Patriots look like they did last night in 10 days in New Orleans, then everyone can rightfully reach for the panic button.

I will say that last night’s season opener did mean a lot for the Chiefs and Alex Smith. They didn’t fuck too many things up and Kareem Hunt rebounded from fumbling the ball on his first carry and promptly kicked the Patriots’ collective faces in the rest of the night. I need to see more of it though. Much like I need to see the Patriots look like shit for more than one week, I need to see Alex Smith making big plays for more than one game before I believe he is all of the sudden a QB that can lead a team to a title.