The Red Sox Finally Designate Pablo Sandoval For Assignment

The Boston Red Sox announced today that they were designating third baseman Pablo Sandoval for assignment. The Red Sox are now about to swallow nearly $50 million in salary, instead of just stashing him on the bench. Sandoval is midway through his five-year $95 million deal with the team.

What a failure Pablo Sandoval turned out to be in Boston. He started out on the wrong foot by showing up fat. He then lost all the weight, but couldn’t play the field anymore. This year he showed up in decent shape, but he simply couldn’t move left to right. He wasn’t a major league third baseman anymore. He was a below average, chubby pinch-hitter.

It is hard to blame the Red Sox for releasing Sandoval, the dude quite literally contributed nothing in his 2+ years in Boston. While it’s hard to blame them for releasing him, it’s very easy to wonder if anyone knows what the hell they are doing over there. Cherrington signed Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez to big contracts and then got his ass fired. Dave Dombrowski has traded for two relief pitchers that haven’t pitched at all this season and most likely end up on the DL. Dombrowski also traded away third baseman Travis Shaw in order to acquire one of those pitchers. Shaw is currently hitting moon-shots out of the ballpark every other night in Milwaukee.

The Red Sox currently have two needs to fill, third base and their bullpen. They paid Sandoval $95 million to play third base and within two years he was physically incapable of doing so. They then traded Shaw, who has turned out to be a great option at third base, for a reliever Tyler Thornburg, who has yet to throw a ball in a Red Sox uniform. Brilliant.