This week’s episode of WWE NXT kicked off with a brief recap from NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia that aired this past Sunday on the WWE Network.

Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans

Cross came down to the ring to a great reaction from the crowd in the Wells Fargo Center. The match started off with Cross connecting with a Crossbody. Lacey Evans then hit a roundhouse kick and knocked Nikki out of the ring. Cross grabbed Evans on the ring apron and trapped her there. Cross hit a bunch of right hands and then let out a scream as the crowd chanted for her.

Back in the ring, Cross grabbed Evans by the hair in the corner. Evans countered and whipped Cross to the canvas for a one count. Cross had a smile on her face after kicking out. Evans got angry and jumped on her and connected with a flurry of punches. Evans climbed to the top rope and went for a Moonsault but Cross got out of the way and Lacey crashed to the canvas. Percy Watson accidentally called Mauro Ranallo “Nigel” in a funny moment.

Cross fired up and beat the hell out of Lacey with a barrage of punches. Cross followed it up with a Swinging Neckbreaker for the easy pinfall victory. After the match, Cross tried to attack Evans but the referee prevented it as Lacey crawled out of the ring. Evans shouted that Cross was crazy from the entrance ramp.

Winner: Nikki Cross

An interview with Shayna Baszler was shown after he loss to Ember Moon at NXT TakeOver. Baszler stated that Moon didn’t beat her, she barely survived. Baszler was proud of her actions at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia. After she lost the match, she attacked Ember Moon on the entrance ramp and choked her out.

It was announced that Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly will defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young of SAnitY next week on NXT.

TM61 vs The Ealy Brothers 

Shane Thorne and Nick Miller (TM61) made their return to the ring after a year tonight on NXT. There return had been hyped up on the two previous episodes of NXT. They faced Gabriel and Uriel Ealy tonight in their return.

Nick Miller and Uriel Ealy started off the match. Miller took control early and tagged in Shane Thorne. Shane connected with a standing Moonsault. Thorne then Moonsaulted onto both Ealy Brothers outside the ring. Back in the ring, Nick Miller was tagged back in. Miller connected with a couple of forearms to Uriel.

Gabriel snuck into the match and the referee didn’t notice because they are twins. Uriel tagged back in and slammed Nick Miller to the canvas. Miller hit a Clothesline and tagged Thorne back in. Thorne knocked both Ealy Brothers to the mat in the corner. Shane connected with a Cannonball and then a Suplex. Miller connected with a Moonsault and went for the cover but it was broken up. TM61 connected with Thunder Valley for the pinfall victory.

Winners: TM61

After the match, TM61 was interviewed by Christy St. Cloud. TM61 said that they were the mighty and the mighty don’t kneel.

Exclusive footage of the NXT Championship match between Andrade “Cien” Almas & Johnny Gargano was shown. Tommaso Ciampa made his return following Gargano’s loss and struck him in the back with a crutch. Ciampa was shown limping backstage dragging the crutch behind him. He completely ignored reporters as they questioned his actions.

It was announced that Adam Cole will face Killian Dain next week.

#1 Contender’s Match: Tyler Bate vs Roderick Strong

Tyler and Roderick locked up to start off the match. Bate knocked Strong to the canvas but Roderick quickly got back up to his feet. Bate connected with a Dropkick as dueling “lets go Roddy!” and “Tyler Bate!” echoed throughout the Wells Fargo Center. Strong caught Bate in between the ropes and hit a Backbreaker for a two count.

Strong connected with a knife edge chop in the corner and followed it up with a couple more. Roderick hit another Backbreaker and went for the cover but Bate kicked out at two. Strong hit another chop and then kneed Bate in the face. Roderick connected with another boot to Tyler’s face but Bate battled back with a couple of jabs to the chest. Strong hit yet another Backbreaker and then lifted Tyler over his shoulders and launched him into the turnbuckle for a two count as NXT went to a break.

When NXT returned, Strong was still in control of the match. Bate hit a Jawbreaker but Strong responded with a chop. Bate connected with a punch and both Superstars fell to the canvas. Bate hit a few uppercuts and followed it up with a boot to the face. Bate hit a running uppercut and followed it up with a knee to the back of Strong’s head off the second rope. Bate hit a German Suplex and went for the cover but Roderick powered out at two.

Bate connected with an Exploder Suplex and followed it up with a standing Shooting Star Press for another two count. Bate started scaling the ropes but Strong grabbed his leg and then joined him on the top rope. Bate knocked Strong to the mat but Roderick pulled him off the turnbuckle and hit another Backbreaker for a two count.

Strong went for a Powerbomb but Bate reversed into a Hurricanrana. Strong missed with a knee and Bate bounched off the top rope headfirst and turned around and leveled Bate with a ridiculous Clothesline. An “NXT” chant broke out in the Wells Fargo Center as the two Superstars were on the mat. The chant transitioned into “this is awesome!” as Bate and Strong got back to their feet.

Bate tried to lift Strong up but his back gave out due to the Backbreakers in the match. Strong kneed Bate in the face and then did it again in the corner. Strong slammed Bate to the mat face-first and then lifted him up and connected with End of Heartache for the pinfall victory. Strong is now the #1 contender for Pete Dunne’s UK Championship.

Winner: Roderick Strong

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne briefly confronted Strong backstage after his victory.